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Play Gaelic Football in Aarhus

Aarhus GAA is the first Gaelic football team in Aarhus.

- A group of Danes and Internationals, who meet on a weekly basis for training.

- Your first 3 training sessions are free - contact us for more info and join us on Facebook.

Important updates


Our first outdoor training session of the season will be on the 9th of April. We'll meet every Monday at 17 onwards.



Come join us on the 17th of March (aka St. Patrick's Day) for a pint at Tir Na Nog, Aarhus!



The pitch by Katrinebjergskolen (Katrinebjergvej 60) will be used for outdoor training sessions in 2017.

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About Aarhus GAA

We are a group of Danes and Internationals playing Gaelic Football in Aarhus, while having lots of fun along the way. No skills are required, just a positive attitude and an open mind.

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