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What is Gaelic Football?

Gaelic games are sports originating in Ireland with Gaelic football and hurling being the two main games. Aarhus GAA focuses on Gaelic football. The playing rules are explained thoroughly in the 3 videos available on the front page. In contrast, the video to the right provides a more basic introduction to the game. Although the rules may seem a bit confusing, we'll patiently teach you the skills of Gaelic football. Don't worry about making mistakes as it requires a couple of training sessions to get used to the rules.

Bringing Gaelic Games to Aarhus

Travelling around or living in Ireland, you realise that Gaelic football is very popular with more than 2,500 clubs. In 2014, we decided to bring the sport to Aarhus and form a team mainly consisting of classmates.


An International Community

Today, our team consists of Danes and Internationals from 3 different world continents, as well as players from outside Aarhus University and across its departments. We have lots of fun while playing, enjoy a beer afterwards, and attend various social events.

Location and Facilities

We use a public pitch for our regular training sessions.

Location: The pitch next to Katrinebjergskolen, 8200 Aarhus N. There are parking lots available when you enter from Kløvermarksvej.

As Aarhus GAA is a newly started club, it is your own responsibility to buy an outfit. There is no dresscode, but we recommend that you buy proper football shoes with studs. Feel free to bring your own football as we use several for warm-up exercises.

Tim Steinbrenner

Tim Steinbrenner,

Co-Founder and Head Coach

Tim Steinbrenner

Simon Raun Madsen,

Co-Founder and Webmaster

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